We at Rocket Buddha are concerned with the evolution of human potential. We put extreme importance on experience. Go immerse in something, learn, experience, and then, if you are called to do so, share useful insights to help others evolve. Often times it takes years to discern what has been useful to your evolution. With this in mind, we will be posting some educational resources that definitely helped us, and are continuing to help us, evolve. We encourage you to share resources that similarly have become invaluable on your (unique) path of evolution.


One thought on “The Rocket Buddha Blog

  1. Amulya says:

    What an absolutely beautiful site with valuable information and quality products! I love the name… Rocket Buddha… sparks the image of a modern-day Buddha speeding off on motorcycle into the golden horizon to catch another intensive meditation sit. Way to go!! Thanks for sharing the gems of your heart, soul and experiences with the world!

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