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actualist manta card water color over pen and ink drawing detail

Actualist Practice Mantra Card

We made the Actualist Practice drawing into a Sticker that is 2 x 3″.  Too small to read the words, so that’s why we are posting here.  This art was made to inspire us to commit to this practice for as much time as possible throughout the day.  Seeing this image has become a reminder to stay aware. Awesome that now we can stick it in key locations to help fuel our practice.

Dharma Discourses

Of the many branches of Buddhism today, it is Theravada that includes the traditional Vipassana Meditation techniques taught by Guatama Buddha. Typically once a year, a seeker would go on a meditation retreat for days, weeks, or months of intensive practice. In the evenings, “discourses” or “dharma talks” would be given by a senior teacher – often a monk or nun. Dharma discourses are a conversation: Conversation with the wisdom of a past tradition, spoken from the heart of these .