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Creating our World with Alchemical Images of Seasons, Elements, Constellations, and Moons

The foundation of this image was taken from an alchemical drawing created in 1650 by A. Kircher in Rome. I was first introduced to alchemical images through the work of Marie-Louise von Franz, a Swiss Jungian psychologist and scholar, renowned for her psychological interpretations of fairy tales and alchemical manuscripts. Through her work, and that of her mentor, Carl Gustav Jung, I learned the real work of the alchemist is human evolution. Later, I .

Vipassana Meditation Links

First some links from our recent in class discussion. These are important topics I was unable to cover in depth during class:   Intermediate Mindfulness   This is a 4-week class introducing the principles and practices which deepen a mindfulness practice.  The teacher is Gil Fronsdal and all the lectures are available for free. Suggested participation requirement is 45 minutes of daily meditation practice and keeping a meditation journal. Suggested prerequisite is an introductory course .
actualist manta card water color over pen and ink drawing detail

Actualist Practice Mantra Card

We made the Actualist Practice drawing into a Sticker that is 2 x 3″.  Too small to read the words, so that’s why we are posting here.  This art was made to inspire us to commit to this practice for as much time as possible throughout the day.  Seeing this image has become a reminder to stay aware. Awesome that now we can stick it in key locations to help fuel our practice.

The Rocket Buddha Blog

We at Rocket Buddha are concerned with the evolution of human potential. We put extreme importance on experience. Go immerse in something, learn, experience, and then, if you are called to do so, share useful insights to help others evolve. Often times it takes years to discern what has been useful to your evolution. With this in mind, we will be posting some educational resources that definitely helped us, and are continuing to help us, evolve. .