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Dharma Discourses

Of the many branches of Buddhism today, it is Theravada that includes the traditional Vipassana Meditation techniques taught by Guatama Buddha. Typically once a year, a seeker would go on a meditation retreat for days, weeks, or months of intensive practice. In the evenings, “discourses” or “dharma talks” would be given by a senior teacher – often a monk or nun. Dharma discourses are a conversation: Conversation with the wisdom of a past tradition, spoken from the heart of these .

The Rocket Buddha Blog

We at Rocket Buddha are concerned with the evolution of human potential. We put extreme importance on experience. Go immerse in something, learn, experience, and then, if you are called to do so, share useful insights to help others evolve. Often times it takes years to discern what has been useful to your evolution. With this in mind, we will be posting some educational resources that definitely helped us, and are continuing to help us, evolve. .