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First some links from our recent in class discussion. These are important topics I was unable to cover in depth during class:


Intermediate Mindfulness


This is a 4-week class introducing the principles and practices which deepen a mindfulness practice.  The teacher is Gil Fronsdal and all the lectures are available for free. Suggested participation requirement is 45 minutes of daily meditation practice and keeping a meditation journal. Suggested prerequisite is an introductory course in mindfulness practice or equivalent. Homework materials (Word documents) for each week are also available for download.  There is also Advanced Mindfulness class series available.

Satipatthana Sutta

This series is based on the Satipatthana Sutta, the Discourse on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, from the Majjhima Nikaya (The Middle Length Discourses) MN10. It covers the Buddha’s comprehensive practical instructions on the development of mindfulness.

Dependent Origination

John Peacock has been both an academic scholar as well as a Buddhist practitioner/teacher for more than thirty years.  These first 3 talks in the series gives a serious and concise description of Dependent Origination (I had to cut out DO out of the beginning class materiel due to lack of time)

Buddhism before the Theravada Part 3

Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 2

Buddhism Before the Theravada Part 1

Buddhism Before the Theravada (Series)

Goenka Retreat Information





Here is what I consider the bible of modern Vipassana Meditation

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha by Daniel Ingram


This book launched the Pragmatic Dharma movement and literally transformed the vipassana meditation experience. There are various styles of Vipassana (noting, body scanning), as I learned, and switching methods after four years was what was needed to make explosive progress.


In the book Daniel advises to ask yourself:  “What type of life do I want to come back to?”


So I quit my job and reset everything to no commitment whatsoever and went on a twenty day retreat where I obtained stream entry (first time experiencing nirvana).  That was in Oct 2011 and I continue building the life I always wanted to live.


The book is available on Amazon:  MCTB at Amazon



and Daniels web site as a pdf:      Mastering Core Teacings Buddha

Occasionally there are some interesting classes being offered in Ojai and outlying areas:


Here are some links to vibrant Vipassana Meditation communities where you will find the answers to all your questions

Dharma Overground Website


This is a website which seem to spring up after Mastering Core Teachings of the Buddha was published.  There is a vast archive of discussions between yogi/yoginis related to their meditation practices ~ helping each other, offering advice and experiences.  Also found here are practice journals that meditators write and publish, it is a journal of your path.   Reading/commenting on other peoples’ practice journals becomes very helpful to your own practice and sustains this vibrant supportive community.


The Hamilton Project

This is a great resource and easy to navigate.  It was started by a small group of dedicated practioners who wanted to help others so reached out with this website.  They also host Practice Journals although this community is not as active as the Overhead Dhamma Group.   Keeping a journal here offers the benefit of publishing your journal, which helps inspire you to practice, while at the same time gives a more intimate flavor since there isn’t a large volume of journals being updated continuously .  Highly recommended is the Yogi Toolbox articles.

A video that discusses Advance Concentration Practices.

Dr. Willoughby Britton interviews Leigh Brasington

Researcher Willoughby Britton of the Cheetah House interviews concentration and Jhana teacher Leigh Brasington on the Dark Night and psychological difficulties that can arise during concentration practice. At a few points in here he gives some very sound practice advice.

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